1. Find a dog you are interested in adopting at one of our events or online
  2. Meet the dog to determine if you feel it is a good fit for you and your family
  3. Make any introductions necessary with existing pets
  4. Take the dog home for a 1 week trial adoption so you can get to know it better and learn if the dog fits will with your lifestyle
  5. Finalize the adoption paperwork with E-List Angels, pay the fee
  6. Enjoy your new family member!

Bonded Pairs

​Special Needs


Big Dogs

Our ultimate goal is to find all of the dogs in our rescue a loving forever home. We have dogs of all sizes, colors and breeds so we are confident you can find your new family member here. To view our adoptable dogs click on the links below or come to one of our weekly adoption events to meet many of our dogs in person. Contact us with any questions about our adoption process and fees or to learn more about any of our adoptable dogs listed below.


Puppies (Under 1 year): $250

Adults (1-6 years): $150

Seniors (Over 6 years): $100

**Fees are subject to adjustment and are not guaranteed to be the same as above for every dog. Special cases, high demand dogs, and bonded pairs are examples of times the fees may be adjusted. Contact E-List Angels about the adoption fee amount for the dog you are interested in adopting. 



Donita  Willard

Adoption Coordinator